10 Things to Know for Your First Concert

Concert culture is like nothing else. Make sure you’re prepared.

Going to your first concert is an exhilarating experience, and it’s definitely something you’ll never forget. Ear-bursting bass, screaming fans, and lines a mile long, these type of events are like nothing you’ve experienced before. Make sure you’re ready to face the inevitable chaos of concert culture. Whether you’re seeing Katy Perry or Metallica, you need to be aware of exactly what you’re getting into. Here are some tips for making the most of your first concert.

1. You’re gonna have to leave your house early. Really. Early.

Lines start at least three hours before the show begins. Especially if it’s general admission, you’re gonna want to get to the venue A.S.A.P. Make sure to account for traffic, parking, and any walking you may have to do. Also some time because you’ll inevitably get lost. Just hope your show begins at 8 P.M., rather than 11 A.M.

2. You’ll be standing for four hours or more. Dress comfy!

Concerts tend to be three to four hours long, and that’s not even including the wait time in the line outside, waiting inside for the first group, or waiting between sets for tech to reset the stage. You’re going to be doing a lot of waiting. So skip the tightest jeans or your four-inch heels. It’s dark, and no one’s going to be looking at you, anyway. Everyone’s there to see their favorite band. Just relax and enjoy yourself!

3. Stay hydrated!

Regardless of whether the concert is indoors or not, you’ll likely be doing a lot of jumping, dancing, and moving around. So make sure to keep a bottle of water on you at all times! Some venues allow you to bring your own, but don’t be afraid to hash out that six dollars at a bar so you can avoid passing out in the middle of your favorite song.

4. Eat before!

Concert food is ridiculously expensive, and usually ridiculously gross. It’s similar to football stadium food: acceptable, but not desirable. Save your money for merch! Be smart and grab something before you leave or on the way. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you.

5. Be social!

You’re in a room full of people that like the same music as you! Everyone’s there to have a good time, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone. Most people are going to be really friendly and appreciate the relief from the inevitable boredom before the show begins, anyway. You’ll already have something in common and who knows? You could meet your new best friend!

6. People will smell. By the end you likely will, too.

It’s a packed building. It’s guaranteed to get hot, so don’t freak out if the person next to you begins to sweat a lot. It’s perfectly natural, so don’t act like a baby that doesn’t know how the human body works. By the end of the night, you too will have sweat so much it’ll look like you just swam. Just enjoy the show and… don’t sweat it. (I’m sorry.)

7. It’ll be one of the loudest things you’ll ever experience. And it will be awesome.

Super-deep bass, shredding guitar, and thousands of screaming fans. It’s not going to be a trip to the library, so make sure you’re prepared. Feel free to get earplugs if need be, but there’s no feeling quite like your heart jumping in time to a hard bass line. After all, you’ll hardly notice the volume once the show’s over and you go outside to near silence. You’ll likely lose most of your hearing for an hour or so, but don’t worry. It’s all part of the fun!

8. Don’t talk to scalpers.

It’s better to miss a concert because it was sold out than waste $75 on fake tickets and make a fool of yourself when you try to get in. Nine times out of ten scalping is a total scam and, real or not, you’ll always pay way more than it’s worth. Buy tickets early or don’t go, but don’t take a bet on some stranger on the street with a “NEED TICKETS?” cardboard sign.

9. Post-concert depression is real.

The night’s gonna end, and you’re gonna head home, still high off the concert adrenaline. You’ll go to sleep with a smile on your face. But the next morning, you’ll wake up and feel like a ton of bricks have hit you. Your favorite singer is no longer within arm’s reach of you, and reality sets back in. Go ahead, listen to every album, cry a bit, eat way too many potato chips. You deserve it.

10. Don’t be afraid to look stupid! Enjoy every moment.

You get this one night to hear your favorite people performing your favorite songs. You don’t know anyone there, so why worry about how you’ll look? You’ll have great memories of an amazing night if you make the most of it. You’ll regret it if you worry too much about what everyone else is thinking. Go crazy! Dance your ass off like there’s no tomorrow.

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