Five Tweets That Will Make You Question the Future of Romance

Last week #MyIdeaOfFlirtingIs started trending on Twitter. You’d think this would be filled with sweet notions, awkward stories, and maybe a legitimate tip or two. Absolutely not.

Ideas of dating and romance have changed greatly over the past few decades, especially in our modern era of speed dating, online hookups, and DM flirting. It’s not necessarily a downgrade or an upgrade from older traditions of courting, just… incredibly different. People are much more expressive online; boundaries do not exist, and anyone can say whatever they want behind the protection of a chat room alias. On Twitter, the recent trending topic of #MyIdeaofFlirtingIs expresses this in a way that is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. Love at first sight? Nope. Love at first @ mention.

1. “Sincerely” Creepy

This oddly disturbing idea of flirting makes you wonder if this is more out of social awkwardness or sociopathic tendencies. Either way, you can’t say that you wouldn’t be at least a little intrigued if this popped in your DMs.

2. Weasel Your Way Into My Heart

I don’t even have an explanation for this? But either way, it’s not something I’d be surprised to find in someone’s Tinder bio.

3. Pokemon Go Out With Me

With the insane popularity of Pokemon Go, I’m sure at some point we’ll find news stories of couples meeting for the first time at a Pokestop or a proposal at a newly-conquered Gym.

4.You’re App-ealing

I can appreciate this effort; I’m attached to my phone as much as my right hand. But it does make you question the standards of modern romance. I’m not asking for a wax-sealed love letter or anything, but it’s still incredibly rude to text during a date. Don’t forget to unplug when you’re with your s/o, out of respect if nothing else.

5.Trippin’, Stumblin’, Sinkin’, Fumblin’, So Clumsy ‘Cuz I’m Falling In Love

OK, so this person’s flirting isn’t the smoothest. In fact, it’s a complete mess that ends up in a muddy phone, if the commercial is anything to go by. However, it’s all good in the end: the phone is still shiny and smooth, just like this awkward, but cute and funny comparison.

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