Ten Movies to Look Forward to in 2017

This is one thing we can be happy about for next year.

Amongst all the icky feelings that 2016 is leaving us with, the political mayhem that has become the United States, and the ongoing environment crisis, there’s one thing that we all can share some sort of excitement for: the box office hits of 2017. This year left us with some great films, but 2017 is looking promising. Here are ten of the movies for you’ll want to save up cash for to get a ticket.

1) Wonder Woman

Set in WWI, this movie is something we’ve all been anticipating ever since the badass promo pictures of Wonder Woman’s redesign went viral online. Diana Prince, Amazonian princess, is ready to take us by storm next year.

2) Logan

Another X-Men movie, not that I’m complaining. This one is going to be set in 2024 where Logan (AKA Wolverine) is training a young mutated girl with powers similar to his own—only now, her peers have been created to become war machines.

3) The Dark Tower

Based on the series by Stephen King, this tells the story of a young boy who has visions of the apocalypse and begins to question his own mental stability. He’ll escape into another world and meet a mysterious stranger with a dark task ahead of him.

4) Ghost in the Shell

To be honest, I’m a bit more than annoyed about the white-washing of Scarlett Johansson playing an Asian character. BUT. Based off the popular anime series, Ghost in the Shell tells of a futuristic cyborg named Mokoto Kusanagi leading a special ops task force. But when one terrorist group threatens the cyber technology that created Mokoto, she’ll have to face an enemy like no other.

5) Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is coming back. When I saw him in Winter Soldier I was sad his part was so small, so this is definitely one I am excited to see. Focusing on a younger Petey, this one will explore how to be a super-cool crimefighter and a high school student all at the same time. Although it won’t have the backstory with Uncle Ben and all that the original Spider-Man origin story had, thank god. My heart can’t handle that again.

6) Beauty and the Beast

I don’t even have to explain this one. We’ve all seen the previews: it’s gorgeous, Emma Watson is gorgeous, and the whole thing is just going to be two hours of beautiful perfection. With a freakishly-real CGI Beast thrown in. Sign me up.

7) Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Set to take place right after the first movie, this one is more likely to focus on relationships and characterization than just blunt superhero awesomeness and action. The premise is that the crew is struggling to keep their “family” together and search for Peter Quill’s lost parents. So get ready for more of an emotional rollercoaster than an actual rollercoaster.

8) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

A badass reboot of a tale centuries-old? Heck yeah! This is the famous story of King Arthur, a young man robbed of his place on the throne and his journey to prove his is the true king of Camelot by pulling the famous Excalibur from the stone. Take the version from your tenth-grade English class and mix it with Game of Thrones and you’ve got King Arthur: LotS.

9) A Cure for Wellness

Literally just because it has Dane DeHaan in it. This is more of an artsy-utopian-futuristic thriller/horror about an amazing wellness center that works wonders but keeps patients coming back for more treatment, including his boss. When he uncovers the center’s secrets, however, he finds himself afflicted with the same mysterious illness that traps the other patients in the middle of a wellness center in the Swiss Alps.

10) Star Wars: Episode VIII

This one’s the most mysterious. All we really know for sure is that it continues from The Force Awakens. Who knows what’s in store for this epic space series, but I’m already counting down the days to December 15, 2017. My only hope is that Kylo Ren and General Hux will be just as sassy, if not more so, than they were in the seventh installment. #DarkSide.

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