The Tuten Brothers: the EP That Saved Country Music

It truly is a “Southern Sunrise.”

The Tuten Brothers, a local Athens country trio, is preparing to launch their debut EP this October, and they are definitely a band you need to be keeping an eye on, because they’ll be hitting the big stages before you know it. Comprised of brothers Walker and Sam Tuten, along with Conner McAdams, these musicians provide something that country music has been missing for far too long. Gone is the pseudo-genre “country pop.” These boys are bringing back classic country with a twang of rock ‘n’ roll, reminiscent of the timeless appeal of Hank Williams, Jr., and bringing it back in a big way. These boys are making a statement on the future of country, and I’ll be damned if I’m not excited for it.

The trio is packing Athens clubs, getting their name out, and quickly staking their claim on the Georgia music scene. Their debut single “Southern Sunrise,” was recorded in a spare bedroom in Athens, GA., and despite these small beginnings, the song held a ten-week stint on 94.9 The Bull, Georgia’s most popular country station. So if you’re a fan of country, it’s likely you’ve already heard their stuff, and it’s impossible to not be impressed. Their classic sound, sweet, catchy lyrics, and dynamic harmonies make a twenty-minute EP that is nothing short of a grand experience. Personally I’m not even a big country music fan, but I’ve been humming The Tuten Brothers for days. It’s genuinely one of the best EP’s I’ve ever heard.

The leading song, “Southern Sunrise,” is a catchy road-trip-style, classic country rock-out song. It’s a purely addictive instant summer jam. The other four songs that make up the album show a wide variety of influence, from heart-wrenching ballads to pure country tunes to bluegrass. Beautifully-written themes of love and love lost, life, traveling, and freedom captivate the listener in a way little music does nowadays. The songs have a great element of newness, as well; you won’t get tired of them quickly (I’ve listened to this album literally close to fifty times.) These boys have an incredible ear for harmony and rhythm, and their challenging vocals only add an extra layer of greatness to this debut. It’s a nice balance between country and rock that creates an amicable sound that’ll relate to all types of audiences. If you’re not familiar with them, become familiar, because I doubt it’ll be very long before their tickets skyrocket in value. The Tuten Brothers are bringing back a phenomenal sound country music has desperately needed.

The EP releases October 25, and the EP release show will be November 15 at the Georgia Theater in Athens. Go ahead and get it as soon as it comes out so you can jam with them live! They’re known for putting on great performances, and considering it’s the debut show of their new EP, it’ll be an unforgettable night. I’ll definitely be there, won’t you?

You can check out their music video for “Southern Sunrise” here!

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